Christian Aguirre CPT, PES, BS, MS

Christian Aguirre is the owner of Aguirre FitnessOwner of Aguirre Fitness Christian Aguirre is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s premiere personal trainers.  A talented team player with an innovative approach to health and fitnessAguirre has helped thousands of Bay Area clients reach their fitness goals.  Aguirre works with individuals throughout California and the nation and specializes in helping his clients see results.

Aguirre began training clients more than a decade ago working in corporate fitness gyms.  Thanks to a solid ability to consistently aid clients in achieving fantastic results Aguirre quickly ascended to the role of fitness manager.  Professionally recognized on numerous occasions for superior performance, Aguirre has been ranked as one of the Top 5 personal trainers in Northern California.

Aguirre enjoys helping his clients discover lean fit bodies.  He says one of the things that makes him so successful is hiscommitment to employing new and inventive workouts help his clients stay motivated and unlock lean and fit bodies.

skilled trainer and fitness specialist Aguirre devotes individual time to each client in order to create a tailored exercise and nutrition plan that literally guarantees results. Aguirre is so confident in his regiment he offers his clients a money-back guarantee.

Aguirre has his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Sonoma State University and a Masters of Science in Kinesiology from Saint Mary’s College.  He is also certified by the International Sports Sciences Association. 

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Jenn Aguirre NASM-CPT,PES,Pre/Post Natal & Sports Nutrition Certified

east bay personal trainer

Co-owner of Aguirre Fitness, Jennifer Aguirre is a certified fitness professional dedicated to educating and coaching clients on the latest fitness techniques needed to reach their goals and improve their bodies, health and lives.

Aguirre has more than a decade of experience in successfully motivating clients towards their goals.  Prior to co-founding Aguirre Fitness she spent ten years working as a personal trainer and fitness manager for large corporate gyms.  She has also worked as an instructor at the East Coast Alliance, a top school that certifies personal trainers.  Propelling hundreds of clients towards their desired weight loss and fitness objectives Aguirre is an expert at tailoring individualized exercise and nutrition programs in order to motivate and inspire clients.

A happy and fit fitness trainer, wife and mother, Aguirre is the picture of health.  But, she is no stranger to seemingly insurmountable heath and fitness goals in her own life.  At only twenty-one years of age, she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a serious gastrointestinal disorder as well as a hypoactive thyroid.  She has also successfully battled and overcome an eating disorder and chronic colitis.  Her own medical battles helped to fuel her commitment and desire to educate herself on nutrition and metabolic dieting.  Following an extremely strict exercise and nutrition plan Aguirre was eventually able to be taken off prescription medication and her disease is now in remission.  Her own experiences have helped her tremendously when in comes to aiding clients with medical challenges of their own achieve success.

Certified as a pre-natal and post-natal fitness expert, Aguirre finds joy in helping women during such a critically important time in their life.  Recently becoming a mom, Aguirre know the challenges and joys that accompany pregnancy firsthand.  After giving birth to a health baby boy in 2008 she was driven to work hard and get into the best shape of her life.  Within 8 weeks, she was back in fantastic shape with only 18% body fat.  Looking and feeling great, she was determined to take her training to the next level.  Soon after she entered a competitive fitness competition and took 1st place.

Clients who have worked with Aguirre are impressed with the comprehensive and thorough personal training programs she develops.  Working closely with clients one-on-one, Aguirre’s approach includes complete nutritional guidance, personalized cardiovascular and strength training regiments, and healthy supplement recommendations.

Aguirre is passionate about her work and helping her clients achieve success.  Even when dealing with clients who seem determined to accept failure, Aguirre is able to motivate and encourage them to push beyond their comfort zone and graduate to a new level of fitness success.

Aguirre is available for private consultations.  To contact Jenn Aguirre please call 925 323 0565 or CLICK HERE 

Nick Smith NASM, ACE Certified

nick smith of aloha health and fitness

Aguirre Fitness professional Nicholas Smith has been avidly practicing physical fitness for more than 20 years.  During the past few years he has enthusiastically shared his dedication and passion for fitness with others, helping numerous clients achieve their weight loss and fitness goals.

In addition to being in excellent physical condition, Smith is highly educated.  He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts as well as a certification as a personal trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  Committed to ever-increasing his knowledge and staying current, Smith is currently completing his Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant certification from the American Council on Exercise.

With experience in functional training, strength training, endurance training and core training Smith has helped even the most difficult clients achieve their goals.  He employs innovative training and motivational techniques that result in major transformations for his client’s bodies.  With a focus on functional movements that require little to no equipment, his clients are able to train just about anywhere, not having to wait in a queue for gym equipment.

In his own life, Smith’s commitment to physical fitness and healthy eating has been fueled by his passion to stay active and play competitive sports season after season.  Watching many people close to him struggle with issues of weight loss solidified his desire to help people live longer healthier lives.

Smith is remarkably committed to helping people break their cycle of a monotonous sedentary lifestyle so that they can gain energy and increase overall wellbeing.  He’s helped clients find a path to increased wellness, experiencing remarkable success guiding them to fitness and nutrition programs that help reduce and prevent medical problems.  Because he genuinely cares ,he is able to help people overcome negative thought patterns and beliefs that limit them from achieving their goals.

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Erika Zunon CPT, ISSA Certified

Erika Zunon is a certified personal trainer at Aguirre Fitness

Aguirre Fitness professional Erika Zunon specializes in changing lives. She has 5 years fitness experience specific to strength, endurance and core training. Erika also has an extensive knowledge of proper dietary practices to fit a wide range of personal needs. She also strides to keep current on the latest in personal training and motivation practices.

Erika has a back story that takes her from the client to the trainer. Erika struggled for 10 years with her weight while trying every quick fad diet, pill, and shake out there. She was seen by doctors and put on strict diets. She even attempted starving herself with only temporary results of moderate weight loss.

With weight gain, came depression which caused her to disconnect from everything important in her life. Weighing 210 pounds, she hated the way she looked and knew her life needed change. Erika describes these times as truly the lowest point of her life. Erika came to the reality that the only road to true mental and physical fitness is through hard work, sweat and determination.

After joining a large corporate gym and experiencing the impersonal techniques of their trainers, Erika discovered Aguirre Fitness Co-Owner, Jennifer Aguirre. They clicked and with in 6 months Erika was 65 pounds lighter and mentally a different person.

What used to seem impossible was now reality! While training with Jennifer, Erika began to stand out in her classes and it obvious that her drive and commitment could inspire others. It was only a matter of time before she joined the Aguirre Fitness team.

Erika is now an I.S.S.A Certified Personal Trainer and inspiration to many. Through her own personal challenges, she has shown that anyone, with the right amount of hard work and commitment can achieve lasting results.  She offers personal hands on training and mentoring with attention not only to work out technique, but personal nutrition custom tailored to your body! Erika is not only your trainer in the gym but your partner in success. She loves her job and looks forward to it every day!  Her promise to you is to be there every step of the road to reaching your goals and keep you there!

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Francisco Flores (Yoga Fit Instructor)

Francisco Flores Hercules Yoga FitI’ve been in the Fitness Industry 25+ years; starting with Hi-Lo Aerobics and Lo Impact in Southern California in 1987; Jumped on the STEP Craze and taught Step Aerobics; Transitioned into SPINNING in Southern California; As a Fitness Professional started my Pilates Mat and Reformer training in 1994.

I continued to attend fitness conferences and workshops to stay current in the fitness industry.  I regularly attend 4 to 6 conferences or workshops each year.  I am currently certified as a ACE Group Fitness and Personal Trainer; AEA Certified AQUA Instructor; Spinning Certified Instructor; Physical mind “The Method” Pilates Mat and Reformer Certified; Balanced Body University Pilates Mat, Reformer, EXO Chair and Arc Barrel Certified; Yoga Fit Instructor Certified; Zumba Certified Instructor; QiDance Instructor.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Literature from Arizona State University; Bachelors of Science in Business Marketing from University of Phoenix; Master of Arts in Humanities from New College of California, San Francisco and completing my Master of Business Administration at Keller Graduate School of Management.  I love education and knowledge is power.

I enjoy meeting new people and love to educate them in the fitness industry with any new knowledge or workshop I’ve recently attended. I’ve taught in Bay Area off and on from 1995 to current.  I’ve enjoyed working with so many great fitness professionals throughout my lifetime and Aguirre Fitness has some of the best in the industry.

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Sean Nikmorad (Adult & Children’s Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Coach)

Hercules Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor Sean Nikmorad

Sean Nikmorad is currently a Graciefighter brown belt bringing 14+ years of experience to the mat. He spent the first 6 years practicing no gi submission wrestling and the last 8 years in GI Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  He also practiced Muay Thai for a year and taught defense tactics to Northern California Loss Prevention employees.

Sean also has two teenage children that started Brazilian jiu jitsu around the age of ten and have enjoyed great success in competition.

Sean has a lot of experience in competing and in cornering teammates and students in the highest levels of international competition.  Some of Sean’s biggest accomplishments include taking gold as the IBJJF Masters Worlds, IBJJF Fall International Open, Gracie Worlds submission only tournament, and most recently bronze medal in the Pan American IBJJF tournament as a lightweight brown belt competitor.

Although Sean is very passionate about competing and achieving goals he sets for himself, his greatest passion lies within teaching people of all ages the amazing art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  He truly believes that Brazilian jiu-jitsu improves the quality of life through boosting self confidence, physical and mental strength, and learning to calmly deal with pressure, both on the mat and in life.

You won’t find a more passionate, dedicated, and powerful teacher than Sean.

Recent accomplishments

  • 2012 Purple light master IBJJF World Champion
  • 2012 Gracie Worlds submission only Purple adult light Champion
  • 2012 Jiujitsu by the Bay middle and light Purple Champion
  • 2012 Gracie Open Purple Light adult Champion
  • 2012 Bay Area Open Purple Light Adult Champion
  • 2012 IBJJF International Fall Open Adult Purple Champion
  • 2013 American Cup Purple Adult light Silver medalist
  • 2013 Pro-Faction supermatch submission only winner
  • #1 IBJJF ranked Purple lightweight master competitor in the world (IBJJF rankings mid 2013)
  • 13+ years of grappling experience.
  • Brown belt under Cesar Gracie & Alessandro Ferriera

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Email: HerculesBJJ@gmail.com

website: http://www.HerculesBJJ.com

Blog: http://www.HerculesMartialArts.com