Weight Loss Success Stories

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here is Dee's weight loss success stories

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East Bay Personal Trainer Shares The Best Diet

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I hope you liked my video on the best diet plan while on vacation. If you would like learn more about my nutrition & workout program, please click the video below to learn more about my online coaching program.

here's how you get my best diet plan

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Burning Belly Fat

watch this video on how to burn belly fat

this is how to burn belly fat

I hoped you liked my video on burning belly fat. Let me know if you have any questions or comments about anything I said in this video. Talk to you soon =)

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Want To East Less East Bay?

Watch This Video On How To Eat Less

learn how to eat less east bay

I hoped you liked my video on how to eat less. If you have any questions on anything I said, please leave your comments and questions at the bottom.

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Amazing Way To Finish Any Workout

amazing way to finish your workout east bay

here's how to finish your workout east bay

So I’m in my house I’m sitting here relaxing I just finished training my clients and I’m like what do I want to educate everybody on? So I have this amazing way to finish any work out, workout meaning resistance training. So there are a lot, a lot, a lot of people out there who talk about doing cardio before they go in and do their training, “oh I want to get it out of the way” and “I want to warm-up and then go do my resistance training”.

My thing, this is me, not everybody has to believe it but it’s who I am and it’s what I represent and it’s what all my clients do which is why they all see results. I’m just saying, it’s not something I’ve read somewhere and that I’m just telling you guys now, it’s something that I’ve been practicing for a very long time. So cardio’s great on an empty stomach you guys saw that video that we did, but after resistance training it’s good to do cardio not before.

If you’re scheduled, you have to do it before, let’s just say you have an appointment with a trainer, and you only have let’s just say two hours, you get out of work you have to do cardio from 8 to 9 because your trainers not available because your trainers not available until nine then fine.

But it’s really great if you can then cardio also on an empty stomach first thing in the morning but if you have an appointment with a trainer, 5 o’clock in the morning, great amazing way to finish up your workout by doing cardio after. You are doing so much benefit because it’s almost like our bodies are designed to be a survival mode, we are designed to be able to work out, workout a lot.

Like I’m not a fan, we, us at Aguirre Fitness, we are not a fan of overtraining we don’t believe in that. Were not bodybuilders 99% of our clients don’t come to us for bodybuilding. We’re not doing heavy biceps for one rep max, or whatever and then doing the same thing on day two, no. Our style of training is very dynamic; but basically we’re doing resistance training and our body is designed to go into survival mode.

And basically do cardio after, that’s my finisher. So when you’re winded and taxed and exhausted that, I feel number one you’re on an empty stomach, because if you came in for your workout you ate something before your training so now whatever it is you ate to get through your training, now it’s gone. Cardio on an empty stomach, now your body is in this mode of like it’s got a kill it, it’s got to work 10 times harder because you just got beat up well, because you just killed the workouts.

So that right there alone, forget about the fact that it’s on an empty stomach and all that other stuff, that right there alone is gonna train your body to get stronger. So then it overall affects every aspect of your workout, so it effects the next workout that you do with your trainer because you were in mental and physical survival mode to kill the cardio after your workout and then, and your heart rates already elevated, your metabolism is sped up after doing your workout, yada yada yada.

It’s mainly about the survival mode, the stamina and your heart, which cardio, training and all this stuff and our style of training is very much stress on the heart but, a good stress a good stress to be able to pull more blood in which is what I educated you guys in on the last cardio video. So my thing, is if you have time make sure you get in, I tell all my clients no less than 55 minutes of your training and then you do your cardio right after.

If you want to warm-up on the treadmill for five minutes before you can or you can just warm-up to win push-ups and then get right into your workout and then cardio an amazing finisher to resistance training is gonna be doing your best to get your mind right, wrap your mind around survival mode and getting your body physically, and your mind physically stronger, physically strong enough to really get the cardio done after, after no matter how unbelievably exhausted you are.

If I told you that if you did 30 minutes of cardio, after you got beat up by trainer, then I’ll give you $1 million youwould find it in your heart, in your soul in your mind to be able to do that. That is what this is ultimately getting you to feel like, feel like 1 million bucks. Of course I’m not giving you a million dollars, I don’t have million dollars to give to you but if I did I’ve got bills to pay.

So on that note I hope you guys learned something from this I hope you get your mind right after your next, before your next workout, and after it and I’m telling you right now you’re gonna feel amazing after you’ve psychologically conquered and defeated a cardio workout right after your training. So kill it afterwards get your heart and your body and your mind a lot stronger, and I’ll see you all on the next video leave your comments let me know what you think.

I hoped you liked my video , I would love to hear your comments and questions, please leave them below.

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Here’s How To Get Sexy Legs East Bay

watch this video on how to get sexy legs east bay

here's how to get sexy legs east bay

Okay so we are here with another video, “how to get sexy legs”. Of course people, of course you cannot see long lean muscle tissue in the quads if you’re not eating right and doing cardio; Huge huge factor. But some good leg workouts, so I always like to incorporate some hamstrings, glutes, quads.

So one of the good things you can do, you can do this stuff at home, if you have dumbbells you can add weights to them if not you can, anything that’s gonna put the arms above the head is gonna spread out the lats activate the glutes more and increase the heart rate because your arms are above your head. So basically you can pick your step, I’m gonna go with the higher of my three steps right back here.

The higher the back leg is the more glute activation that you get. If I want to I can grab those two dumbbells, if not I can just stay here and put my hands here and go for let’s say like burn, like complete fire on the glutes. And I’m going to go into a full lunge like as low as you could possibly go, now if you want to get a little bit lower since my stair got in the way, you can go down here so your chest comes right to your quad. Soon as you’re done with that one, you go obviously right to the next leg.

Now I’ve done these a lot. So we’re going to add in two walk in okay? So since you just worked left cheek, front leg we’re gonna go left cheek for the first one. So you’re basically gonna stand here, stand on your tube, you can use this one, you can use a heavier one you’re gonna hold it like a golf club, right here both hands, you can pull it up or you can hold it by both the handles and pull it up and put it on your waist like this.

Basically go all to the left since we just used the left a million times. So you go here and you stay down, “oh my God I’m so tired I just did a million of them” stay there and then you go to the next one. So you go all in one direction and all back, I mean you can do super high numbers, whether you do have weight, whether this is a blue one which is superheavy.

Another way and that I really like to do is gonna be Duck Walks because that is another one that activates your glutes more. So basically you can go here now, like to go on a lateral position since we’re doing more sides. So basically you’ll go like this, you’ll put your hands here, or you can hold onto two dumbbells, you step all the way out until this quad is flexed and then shift your weight over and bring it back okay?

Step all the way out, shift your weight over bring it back. Flex the quads as you step. Bring it all the way out flex the quad, shift it all the way over until this quad is flexed and bring it back. Go all in one direction and then go all in the other direction. Now me, I love me some discs. Single leg ouch! Oh Jesus I really hope I don’t super cramp! Heel is on, one leg is up, hands here or here you lift your butt up and you single leg hamstring curl. And you do as many as you possibly can.

If you like to work a little bit more of the front of the leg, then what you do is you put your… so this is another add-on and this is basically the finisher and then you go back to lunges. The top leg is higher than the back leg, you work more of the quad. When the back leg is higher than the front leg, than you work more of the glute. That’s a little education for you, so I hope you like my sexy leg workout. Add weights, if you’ve got dumbbells you can always add dumbbells here, dumbbells here, add dumbbells here, oh killer.

So hands here would be easier, hands here with the dumbbells touching would be a little bit harder, hands out wide would be even harder. So if you want to make this work out here, which is already pretty challenging enough harder, add some dumbbells to it. So really great little combinations here make sure you activate when you do those little lateral steps, duck positions go all the way until you flex the quad. I can be standing here doing nothing, just flexing my quad and I’m working them.

So activate those muscles! Pick a spot so when you’re balancing those muscles, if you noticed I lost my balance a little bit so(because I’m talking) if you pick a spot and you balance your gonna be less likely to fall. And then if you have any knee issues and you can’t get all way down to the ground with those duck, lateral duck positions then don’t all the way down get as low as you possibly can. But most of us can do it more than what we think we can, so just push yourself a little bit more. So I hope you like this leg workout, leave your comments and let me know what you think, and tell me if your legs and your hamstrings and your butt burns, baby burn.

If you liked my video on how to get sexy legs please leave your comments and questions at the bottom. Talk to you soon =)

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The Truth About Cardio

watch video on the truth about abs

East bay trainer shares truth about cardio

Okay so today we are here with an issue that I have with the word cardio and I’m gonna tell you the truth about cardio and there are people who are gonna see this and there are people who are not gonna agree with this, and blah blah blah I’m not trying to get everybody’s approval because if I did I wouldn’t look the way I look because I get people telling me that I look like a man but whatever that’s not the point.

The point is that I’m gonna keep it real here; the truth about cardio, not everything is cardio, okay? Not everything counts as cardio, just because right now you normally walk to your car, but you walk at a faster pace and you sweat a little bit because you happen to be a “sweater” it doesn’t mean that you’re doing cardio.

If you’re outside and you take your dog for a walk/jog but it’s really not that it’s really nothing but you sweat because it’s hot outside, it doesn’t mean it’s cardio. You go on the treadmill for 45 minutes at a super low pace, with the treadmill tells you is “fat burning zone”and we’re gonna talk about that minute, that doesn’t count as cardio to me. I am a very firm believer in interval style of cardio, higher intensities, most of us do not have the time to do “fat burning zones”which is low to moderate intervals for super long-durations of time which I call Lazy Man’s cardio. Not a fan.

We don’t have the time for that, I don’t have the time to be on the treadmill for hours upon hours on hours and that has not been linked to increasing the stamina of your heart, reducing heart disease, increasing the stamina of your workout, increasing fat burning systems, fat burning zones; does not do any of those things.

Interval style of cardio, higher intensities, and it doesn’t have to be crazy high intensities it just has to be in your target heart rate zones. So there is a formula for it and I will teach you guys it. Basically what you do is you take your resting heart rate okay, two thumbs right here, and you take your pulse for 60 seconds. Preferably in the morning without an alarm clock or like right after you got up and you kind of calm down, before you eat anything , before you drink anything, no coffee no nothing that’s your true resting heart rate.

Whatever that number is, 220, write it down, 220 minus your age minus your resting heart rate that number times .65 then that number plus your resting heart rate that is your low zone. So when you are going to do cardio you should all have a heart rate monitor and not all heart rate monitors are approved. Timex, garbage, I had a client who bought one because it was on sale and they were trying to save money, she actually worked the front desk at Bally’s when I was a fitness manager and she was like,” oh my God it’s been 20 minutes and I burned 200 calories”. I had another guy who told me that he burned 10,000 calories playing basketball for two hours… Wow! Wow, no.

Not even Michael Phelps I think it takes him four hours of swimming to burn 5000 calories. Polar is the only one I respect, so Polar preferably FT7, FT4 or any model above. If you’re doing resistance training the FT7 and you wear your heart rate monitor.

You keep it on the page and you make sure that your heart rate does not drop below the number that you have just figured out and then you give me little mini bursts of energy, getting it as high as you possibly can. That will get your heart stronger. For example, your heart pumps blood the average runner’s heart rate is between 40 and 50 bpm. Mine is like 49 or 47 at one time I think it was like 42 and I used to run six minute miles.

The average person is between 60 and 75 so basically we want to get your heart stronger which will ultimately help everything. So if your heart right now needs a half a cup of blood per second, let’s just say that’s a lot it’s gonna take a whole bunch of pumps because it’s not as strong, okay so this is me trying to get you to understand this because I like to educate.

You’re trying to pull all of that blood in, right now your heart isn’t as healthy as it can be, the stronger you get it from “quality cardio” the more blood it will be able to pull in in less pumps and less water it does(?) the stronger you’ll get, the lower your heart rate will get blah blah blah and all that. But cardio needs to be quality cardio, your heart is not going to get stronger if you’re working out in fat burning zones, low to moderate, “I’m just”… So blah, you get it, obviously I beat a dead horse with that.

So that’s it, go do some quality cardio! Go get a heart rate monitor so you even know, and don’t go by the treadmills because even if you got it like this sometimes they’re off, sometimes they’re reading somebody else’s heart rate monitor, and every one of them does not give the accurate calories.

So I’ve literally posted pictures on Facebook of my watch and of the treadmill and it’s 200- 300 calories off. So it depends on the machine but whatever. We’re all about, you can do cardio jumping around in your living room, there’s no machine a look at to tell you how many calories you burned. Heart rate monitor, no excuses you can do cardio anywhere. So I love you, I know this was a long one for one quick subject but it’s all about education.

I hoped you found the truth about cardio usefull and helpful. Please drop me a question or comment below =)

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15 Minute Trick to Shrink Your Belly

watch this video on how to shrink your belly east bay

east bay trainer how to lose your belly fat

Okay so I am here with, how can I say this, this conversation is gonna make some people uncomfortable but whatever. Those of you who know me from YouTube and Facebook know that I keep it real so today’s theme is a 15 minute trick to shrink your belly. And there are a couple of things that we’re gonna talk about; the first trick is it takes about 15 minutes to eat a healthy meal.

Healthy as opposed to a piece of pizza or two pieces of pizza, this will shrink your belly. So eat healthy that is the first 15 minute trick. The second 15 minute trick is incorporating good quality cardio okay? Quality cardio, cardio only counts if it’s quality; find out what your target heart rate zones are, wear a heart rate monitor when you’re working out. Cardio doesn’t count as cardio just because you’re a “sweater”. That’s the second, that and good resistance training that incorporates “core”.

People ask me all the time how do you have such nice abs Jenn? And I will finish part of this by, this was made in the kitchen doing quality cardio, eating good and resistance training. I don’t do crunches, I don’t do traditional ab exercises, I don’t have an ab routine than I do. I just really incorporate heavy weight, power movements, dynamic training and a lot of core involvement; so maybe I’m balancing with my feet on the bench , and then I’m balancing on a dumbbell and then I’m swinging the dumbbell and you would think that it’s a rear delt or a rotation when it’s all core.

The more you breathe through your diaphragm, I’m talking to you (I’m punching myself in the stomach) that is because I’m breathing through my diaphragm. So it’s all about that style and I’m not just sucking in my belly. Another 15 minute trick is most people sit on the bowl for 15 minutes so most of the time we can be sitting in eight, four to eight pounds of backup poop, okay? Keeping it real here!

Basically it is very important when you make changes to your nutrition. Or if right now you haven’t made any changes and this is just normally how you are, when you make changes to probably having too many carbs because that’s what most Americans do, to having the right amount of carbs, carbs are what have fiber and make you go to the bathroom, that doesn’t mean eat more carbs.

Because that carb not only is it helping make you regular it’s also getting stored as body fat so when you have the proper amount sometimes you have a hard time going to the bathroom in the beginning, before your body starts getting acclimated to eating healthy. You want to eat more things that are fibrous and everybody’s different, some people might be able to have broccoli and not feel bloated, some people don’t feel bloated on broccoli. Asparagus is really good as your greens but I have Crohn’s Disease as most of you guys know, I have Colitis and I usually don’t have a hard time going to the bathroom.

Sometimes I do therefore I asked my gastroenterologist, hey on days when (which is very few and far between but I just asked and this is something that we tell our clients about and that we talk about on my grocery store tour and all that stuff) and basically you can have something that’s gonna help you.

You don’t want to have it every day, once your body starts getting regular you get active every day, cardio every day, good training, eating good and your body gets used to the right amounts of the right kinds of foods then you’ll be more regular but until then they have this wonderful herbal, all-natural approved by my gastroenterologist Smooth Move. You like it? Do you like the name? I love it. Smooth Move, get it out.

Quick funny story and I’ll tell you what I mean; basically I had a client that did a weigh in with me on Friday and he did not lose any weight in the week and then I said, “oh my god” that’s usually the first question” oh my god you did awesome this week I saw your food log every single day, I saw you six days this week, blah, blah, blah, did you go poop yet?” “Oh my God I’ve been totally backed up I haven’t taken the tea” “Take the tea tonight, come back in tomorrow, we’re gonna do another weigh in”; 4 pounds lighter. So we made a joke that he was full of… fill in the blank.

So 4 pounds lighter in one day, took him 15 minutes to take that poop. So there’s that 15 minute trick. So I hope you guys like this, I hope you learn something from it, eat healthy, train hard, blah, blah, blah and go to the bathroom. So, keeping it real.

Hope you liked my 15 minute trick to shrink your belly. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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3 Common Diet Questions Answered

watch this video on 3 common diet questions east bay

Hey everybody okay so I get a lot of people that ask me questions on Facebook that respond to our emails and all that other stuff. So basically we wanted to answer some questions today, so today’s theme is three common diet questions. So the first question, and I have my little cheat sheet over here, the first question that people ask me all the time is and from a lot of the different diets that are out there about should I just be having protein shakes and meal replacements throughout the day? Or like two shakes and one meal like some things encourage.

We are not a fan of that basically to kind of put it as simple as possible protein shakes are okay it’s just what kind of protein shakes. We encourage ones that are strictly whey protein, no extra carbs or anything in them, super low to no carbs and really just once a day to do a couple things. Number one; most people have a sweet tooth at night so it’s really good for satisfying a sweet tooth at night and its protein say you don’t have to worry about eating carbs at night which is a no-no ; and or right after a workout which is to fuel your muscles again that you’ve been tearing throughout the workout.

They’re not good to eat throughout the day real food is always better. Protein bars, protein shakes, all that stuff that’s all predigested; it gets into your system and out of your system super quick so you want to feed your body with more real food. Real food digests slower which speeds up your metabolism. So that question, first one, good. Only one shake a day preferably low-carb and either right after a workout or preferably save it for at night so that you can have something at night that’s called Cookies and Cream and it’s approved.

Okay the second question that people ask me all the time is, am I allowed to have a cheat and if so how often? Yes you are, you are allowed to have one cheat one day a week and you have to earn it. So here’s what I mean by that; you have to eat good, overall good, 80 to 90% good, phenomenal throughout the day.

Not on Wednesday you had a bite of your kid’s chicken nugget just to see if it was done which I personally think that is an excuse because I have almost a five-year-old and I’ve never tasted his chicken nuggets, just saying. So literally you have to eat good and eat healthy and follow the guidelines of a “good meal” plan and all that, just healthy choices. And then you get to that one day a week after six days of eating awesome and that day, and this is what all of our clients have to do, only after you’ve earned it only if you’ve earned it.

You’re allowed to get it one day, one meal the rest of the day has to be awesome; you have to promise to do cardio the next day and it’s only on a resistance training day. When you do resistance training your metabolism is sped up, you burn more calories after your workout as opposed to just on cardio as soon as you stop cardio you stop burning calories and your metabolism doesn’t really speed up from that.

So that’s what we encourage it on a training day because your body is working harder so if you do eat more calories than usual your body’s gonna burn it off quicker than on a regular day. Plus, I, me personally I’m all about the psych part of it.

Most of the time when you have a cheat on a non-active day you’re more likely for that cheat meal turning into a cheat day because you’re mentally not strong enough because you haven’t released your happy hormones from getting in your workout. And you just do it right after a workout and you’re not then taking in way, way, way more calories than you haven’t expended energy. So that is the truth about cheats, one time.

Okay this is another common question, it’s not really, it’s more like people make this statement; well, I eat healthy I eat fruits and vegetables all day long, isn’t that good? So yes and no: So yes, fruits and vegetables and salads are a lot better than eating like burgers and garbage and pizza and sausages and all that other stuff.

But too much of anything is not great if you don’t mix it with proteins then your blood sugar levels are all over the place, mood levels are all over the place, creativity, sleep patterns, headaches, all those different things. So it’s about when you have them also, so fruits are good that they got to be earlier in the day.

Think of a carb, a carb is meant as like gas for your car. There is no point in putting gas in your car when you’re not doing anything so you wouldn’t be having any carbs later on in the evening. Oh but it’s good on eating healthy I’m having an orange at night or an apple at night or picking on some grapes at night but it’s not good because that sugar is getting stored as fat.

And then you need to make sure you have proper balance of carbs and protein for what I just previously said. So again also your serving sizes, where not a very big fan of like juices and when I mentioned salads a Greek salad in a Caesar salad just because it’s got the word salad in it doesn’t mean that it’s healthy.

So good healthy regular lettuce with some good vegetables in it not a huge serving which America is like five servings is one serving and mixed in with good lean protein then makes it, and no creamy dressings preferably just oil and vinegar not even like vinaigrettes because they have so much sodium in them: Which I talk about sodium very often.

So I hope I’ve answered those three common questions that most people ask me questions about everywhere. I hope that this helped, I hope that you learned something from this and you make some change and then all of a sudden next week you’re like oh my God Jenn is a genius and then you’re getting closer and closer to your goals.

So those little few little small changes try them I know they will work, I’m not gonna say see if they’ll work and that’s it, thank you for watching.

If you have any questions or comments on nutrition or diet please leave them below.

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Safe Weight Loss Story

Watch this video on safe weight loss

Hi everybody my name is Chris. I’ve been working out here at Aguirre Fitness since November 11th of 2011, I’m 50 years old and came to a point my life where I wanted to lose weight and a friend of mine told me about Christian here at Aguirre Fitness. Since November 11th I lost 95 pounds, it’s not easy but it’s not hard it just takes a lot of dedication.

You have to work out, eat right and all excuses about “I don’t have time” hey, I work a 12 hour day I’m in law enforcement and I still have time to come out here, workout, sweat, the results… everybody sees it. I get compliments every day how good I look, I feel great I sleep great, everything. I have a lot more energy in everything I do.

Christian is a great trainer all the trainers here are great; Erika, Nick, Christian’s wife Jenn are super awesome people. If you have a goal, you want to lose weight, feel better, look better come here to Aguirre Fitness.

safe weight loss

If your looking for safe weight loss and an awesome workout atmosphere then watch the video below.

watch this video on safe weight loss

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